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Communication Skills

Masterful Communication Skills

Two-hour seminar, Half-day workshop, Full-day workshop

Poor communication skills can reduce the efficiency of your business, undermine customer service and weaken your team. This presentation teaches participants the skills to become more effective communicators at work and in their personal lives.

These practical exercises have been developed and taught in university classrooms, boardrooms, and through individual coaching. Effective communication is a powerful tool that is underutilized on all levels of business. Increase your effectiveness, your capacity to listen, build relationships,
and resolve conflict.

Masterful Communication is the foundation of moving your business and life from Good to GREAT.


Learning Objectives:

  1. The value of Clear, effective, masterful communication
  2. The communication process and influencing others
  3. Stress and its effects on communication
  4. How can you identify poor or masterful communication
  5. How to project and read body-language
  6. Self-esteem and its role in communication
  7. Conveying empathy in your communication
  8. Listening and tailoring your response
  9. Active listening and the power of paraphrasing
  10. Giving and receiving criticism
  11. Proactively dealing with conflict
  12. Giving encouragement versus praise
  13. The benefits of humor in communication
  14. How to effectively lead and participate in meetings
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